Roma, Bove and Volpato transfer to Mourinho

The final word will be up to José Mourinho because it is clear that technical decisions are the responsibility, first of all, of the coach. But it is equally clear that, both as far as Edoardo Bove and Cristian Volpato are concerned, the thinking of society and children will also be decisive. They are among the most interesting young of the first team and they are the ones who have the most market, but their paths can be, at most, parallel. Because Volpato is appearing this year, continuously, in the first team while Bove is already in the second season and it is logical that he wants to play more.

Many offers
The 20-year-old boy is very smart and knows that working with Mourinho every day can enrich you no matter how many minutes you put in your legs. But he also knows that at his age he needs to play and grow. Tactically, physically and mentally. This is why the idea of a farewell – which would then be a goodbye – in January is not in the air. Bove has offers from Sassuolo, Spezia, Cremonese, Lecce and Salernitana but to go away six months, without being sure of being able to find continuity, would have little sense. Better to make a broader speech, which then is what will do his agent, Tavano, with Tiago Pinto: the midfielder can be sold outright for a significant figure, otherwise the solution that everyone likes most is that of a loan with redemption right and counter-redemption. In addition, the Portuguese GM has shown that he does not like the dry disposal of young people: the Benfica school, and his vocational training, almost require him to maintain, even with a percentage on future resale, a kind of control over the children who go away.

From Rome to Sydney
The Italian-Australian has come back to his home, to Sydney, for the holidays and is getting full of affection between family and friends. He also has a lot of offers (Sassuolo on everyone, Monza likes it too), but Roma, at least until June, seems determined not to make him move. Bove has Matic, Cristante, Camara in front of him and knows that with Wijanldum coming back and Tahirovic liking Mourinho the space could be reduced further (10 appearances so far for a total of 115′). Volpato, however, is an added value in a team that struggles to be dangerous in front. It must be disciplined, and much, tactically, he played less times than Bove (9) but the minutes were many more: 449. This explains why it does not need to find more continuity elsewhere. Bove has it, he will talk to society about it knowing that the last word will be Mourinho, as always. At this moment, however, Volpato and the agency that follows him, that of Francesco Totti, does not need to sit down with the company because the path is the right one. After some excess of the last months, also understandable at eighteen, Volpato is going straight as a soldier and the presence of Mourinho and the company was fundamental for this. In January, Roma will send all offers back to the sender.