Roma Dybala employee: Mourinho can no longer do without the Joya factor

Dybala enters and lights up Roma. On the night of the homage of Bruno Conti and Captain Pellegrini for the world title, Joya once again illuminates the Olimpico. Against Genoa Mourinho’s initial choices, understandable given the close commitments of the beginning of the year, did not foresee the employment of the Argentine. The Portuguese coach relied on the newfound Abraham and the hope of a Zaniolo different from the one seen so far. The team turns well, keeps control of the game but closes the first half without being able to unlock the score. Meanwhile, in what in Mou’s head was a programmed relay race, Pellegrini feels discomfort in his thigh, and at the interval on the field the number 21 falls in his place.

You can immediately breathe that “perfume” (Special One docet) different, emanating from the talent above the Giallorossi striker’s average. After a few minutes he commits Martinez with a conclusion from the limit after a beautiful serpentine, and, in the middle of the second half, he decides the match and qualification with a goal of his.

That Roma is dependent on Dybala is a fact and, if you like, inevitable. The great champions have the DNA to drag, are decisive by nature, and rely on them, rather than a fault, is an obligation. Probably for too long in Rome similar gestures were not admired.

A contribution, that of the Argentine, which Roma of this season can not do without, in terms of numbers and technical leadership. The first goal of the Giallorossi in 2023 was scored by Paulo Dybala, as well as the last, from the game before the winter break, though not scored by him, but by Matic after a sensational cross hit by Joya.

Despite the nine missed games (between the league and the Europa League), Dybala leads the Giallorossi scorers’ leaderboard by detachment with 8 goals in 15 games, Abraham and Pellegrini follow at 5. Another decisive aspect is represented by the average points in the championship of the men of Mourinho: that from 2.3 points with the Argentine on the field as a starter has fallen to 1.1 in the remaining outings.