Roma stadium, Malagò: “There are a series of obstacles that are often unknown and that worry me”

Giovanni Malagò, president of CONI, was interviewed and also spoke about the Stadio della Roma. These are his words:

How do you see the construction of the Stadio della Roma?
“In the big capitals football stadiums are also par excellence theatres of cultural dynamics, business, entertainment and cultural integration. In Rome, after the recent and exhausting experience that has characterized the stadium in Tor di Valle, it would seem that everyone agrees. Nobody said that the area is wrong. The city expects it and realization is perceived as common sense. Having said that, in the implementation phase, although everything seems to be working perfectly, there are a number of obstacles that are often unknown and that worry me a lot. It is clear that if we were willing to support the candidacy for the 2032 European Council, we would have a definite time since the services conferences are closer together.”