Rome, at the festival of error

All the good of Naples in Naples remained. Three days later, against Cremonese in a more than accessible quarter cup, Roma showed their worst face by making the wrong mistakes. Too poor the initial formation and too many mistakes that led to the penalty made by Dessers and Celik’s own goal. It was also unfortunate, but it can not be a mitigating factor, since you do not count the off-register passages, uncertainties, setbacks, grayness, mental confusion. It was an embarrassing Roma for a long time, particularly in the first part: at one point, at 0-2, it seemed like a game scored. From the first minute Mourinho wanted to show us the other Roma: outside Smalling, Matic, Zalewski, Dybala, Abraham and inside – all together – Kumbulla, Tahirovic, Celik, Volpato and Belotti. A waiver of quality (for reasons of physical survival), a gamble that the team paid heavily. All the limits of the squad have thus emerged, repeatedly pointed out by the coach himself.

Lack of courage
What most impressed was the lack of courage and precision of Cristante, the young Tahirovic and Volpato, the lack of lucidity of Mancini, always at war with someone and with himself; Celik we have now made the x-ray: He’s just running, that’s what his feet are for. But he is committed. And to say that the evening had begun with something good, at least in the intentions. Not a goal, but an assist by Zaniolo after a long series of own goals. His game is not over yet. And this assist has an intrinsic value, even if it is not entirely spontaneous and if the fans have immediately flaked the “paraculo”. For the first time Nicolò listened to the right advice. No, not that of Corriere dello Sport , giammai («I’m sorry, Dan and Mou», our title yesterday, although…) but that of Claudio Vigorelli, the agent who for four years has managed with many difficulties moods, moods, joys, the many intolerances and too many flights.

The assist of Zaniolo
Nico chose a public letter for everyone. Through the Ansa he made known that many things have been said and written about me in recent weeks and many are not true (I would have avoided the premise: some unpleasant truths have even been omitted, ed). I arrived in Rome as a stranger and Rome and the Romanists welcomed me as one of them. They gave me confidence, courage and affection in the terrible and dark moments of injuries… At the age of 23 I experienced experiences that many of my colleagues do not live in an entire career: falling, rising, falling again, rising again, winning. In recent months I have been going through a delicate period, in which it was difficult to understand what my professional future would be. However, I have always engaged on the field and in training with the utmost professionalism». Finally, the best part, the most effective: «The future is in our hands: I extend mine and I put myself at the complete disposal of the family of Rome». Nico’s future is in the hands of the Friedkins.