Rosella Sensi: “I refused 70 million from Chelsea for De Rossi. Dybala was a fundamental purchase”

Rosella Sensi, former president of Roma from 2008 to 2011, intervened as a guest during the “Kickoff” program on DAZN. These are his statements on the various issues addressed.

On the new Roma stadium.
“In the Olimpico my father won the Scudetto, so you can imagine how fond we are of this facility, but football is evolving and therefore a new proprietary stadium is needed for every Italian club. The Friedkins are doing a lot and we hope that the the plant can be built as soon as possible “.

Are you still excited to hear the choirs?
“Yes, it’s a great emotion. The Roma fans have that extra something that supports the team and the club. As a fan I hope to contribute in this sense.”

How much is it linked to your experience as president?
“I have been for 3 years. Rome is a question of DNA, starting with my grandfather. Rome travels with us every day as a family, regardless of the role that each of us may play. Rome is a fixed presence, which is inside and cannot be removed. For every Roma fan it is very important “.

The news of Abodi as the new Minister of Sport has just arrived
“I congratulate Andrea Abodi, the new Minister of Sport. I met him when I frequented football managers more, he is a great professional, a very capable person, very serious. I hope that his support and his role will be able to be decisive in the future so that all Italian teams can have their own stadium “.

Dybala’s move has been likened to Batistuta’s.
“The league is now very open, you can never say what will happen. Friedkin and Mourinho have reported great enthusiasm after so many years and Dybala has been a fundamental acquisition. The enthusiasm that the fans have turned to the player and the club is well deserved. . The story will speak, but the important thing is to build a serious team and this is what they are doing. “

The best moment linked to Rome?
“On June 17, 2001”.

The ugliest?
“Atalanta-Roma in 2005”.

The best purchase?

The missed purchase that you most regret?
“More than a failure to purchase, it is a due sale: to keep Samuel”.

The assignment which should have done and has not done?
“Daniele De Rossi. I shouldn’t have done it and I didn’t want to do it. I had received an important offer, which would certainly have helped the club, but certainly not the technical level of the team, so I refused. “

Seventy million from Chelsea?

Best known person in football?
“My father”.

The coach you discussed the most with?
“I didn’t argue with them, never did”.

The biggest madness made for Rome?
“Many, perhaps better not to tell them”.

The final in Tirana?
“It was a joy to be able to get back to seeing Roma up close. The Friedkin invitation thrilled me, I was thrilled for several hours. Coming back there and seeing many people again made me cry ”.

Who is Daniele De Rossi?
“A determined, serious person. He is always very generous and knows what he wants. Once we discussed with him because he always put his face on it and if he didn’t agree he said it, but he has always been a fundamental support together with Totti to give the continuity of results that Roma managed to obtain. We touched two league titles, we were playing the Champions League and we had a good FIFA ranking ”.

What future do you see for Totti? Is it possible that he will return to Rome?
“You should ask the company, it’s up to the choices of each owner. Today he is doing a job that excites him, even if I have always seen him as a manager, so much so that in the last contract I offered him a future in that role. It had already been seen before ”.

When you see Maldini, don’t you think of Totti?
“No, they are different realities. Totti held a role and didn’t like it. Now he is on a path that excites him, scouting young champions is not at all trivial. Then if it ever happens, it is up to the company to decide ”.

Francesco Totti symbol of Romanism.
“He is important for all Italian football. It represents the dream of every Italian child, approaching football can think and can chase. Francesco Totti is a symbol of all this, and then on the pitch I don’t even want to comment on what he has shown, but always with a lot of humility and a lot of generosity ”.

What memory do you have of Spalletti?
“The first Spalletti gave the club and the fans a lot of enthusiasm. It was a team that played by heart, it was beautiful to see. The 10 consecutive victories have filled us with joy ”.

Favorite team for the Scudetto?
“There isn’t one.”

The idols of your daughters?
“Dybala and Pellegrini”.