Sabitzer, amidst holidays and the transfer market, writes in Italian: “Buongiorno” (Good morning).

Marcel Sabitzer is at the center of transfer rumors, as he doesn’t seem to be part of Bayern Munich’s plans after his loan spell at Manchester United. The Austrian midfielder has been consistently linked to Roma, but in the meantime, he is enjoying his holidays, as shown in his latest Instagram story. However, one detail caught the attention: the “Buongiorno” written in Italian. Is it a hint about the transfer market or just a coincidence?

The truth is that Roma’s interest is becoming more concrete despite the difficulties, especially regarding the financial aspect. Sabitzer currently earns a net salary of around 7 million euros at Bayern, which is too high for Roma’s budget. However, Pinto’s hope is to negotiate a deal similar to the one with Wijnaldum, where part of the salary would be paid by Bayern.