Solbakken to Roma, Monday will be in the capital: “I’m going to a big club”

All right, the World Cup makes us die of nostalgia. Seeing Messi, Mbappé and Cristiano Ronaldo play a little relativizes the exploits of our weekend heroes, but life goes on and maybe builds small dreams that can become great. In this sense, the arrival of Ola Solbakken tomorrow in Rome means starting to write a new page. No need to look for too intriguing parallels. After all, in the summer, no one could imagine that the Georgian Khvicha Kvaratskhelia would become the star of this first part of Serie A, so better to trust in the cost-free bet represented by the talent of the 24-year-old Norwegian striker Bodo Glimt, The Giallorossi have managed to wrest their own competition from Napoli.

RUSTS AND RETREATS – Solbakken, however, will not be the first time he sets foot in the capital. Already in the summer a couple of his raids had been reported and recorded, even if now, since the Norwegian championship is stopped and its release will begin from late December, his landing will have the taste of a story that begins. On the contrary, right now it seems to be a real shame that relations between Roma and Bodo, after the red-hot fourth-final of the Conference League – with a fight between the Giallorossi goalkeeper coach Nuno Santos and coach Knutsen – are always rusty. This was realized during the market, when Bodo tried to push the player towards Napoli and, when Roma were looking for an agreement to have him before, he was shooting off the market for a player one step from the release. The feeling now is that peace has not yet returned to reign on the Italy-Norway route, since Scandinavian society, having contracted it precisely until December, He doesn’t want Solbakken to take part in the Roma tour in Japan or the winter training camp in Portugal. I mean, right now there’s no respite in the fjords.

ENTHUSIASM – The striker himself is aware of this, who already at the end of October said: «My story with Bodo is probably over and I understand that for the club it is frustrating to know that they will not take money». Frustrating, there is no doubt, although then for him to close a relationship begun in 2020, emotionally it was not easy. In fact, at the end of the last game played in the league against Strˈmsgodset, the striker admitted: “This time I try not to cry, I can not do it for two weekends in a row. I go abroad, most likely in a big league and a big club. It’s not all settled yet, but we are getting closer”. For this reason, Solbakken takes advantage of his period of freedom to shorten the time, maybe even taking advantage of it to meet José Mourinho, who strongly wanted him in the Giallorossi, after the four games played against Bodo, The striker scored three goals for Roma.

IN ALL SYSTEMS – For this reason, according to the Special One, one like Solbakken could be useful in all the systems that in the new year the Portuguese coach could propose. In the 3-4-2-1 seen so far, in fact, he could play behind the central point, while if he dusts off his favorite 4-2-3-1 could play in the band without any problem. Bottom line: if starting out it would seem to be the first change for people like Dybala and Zaniolo, once he has metabolized Italian football, the Norwegian may be ready to take on more and more important roles. We will see for example if, in El Shaarawy style, he will have the leg to make the whole band of competence, so that he can possibly use it as an exterior in a 3-5-2 purer. I mean, what matters is that Solbakken becomes a Giallorossi as soon as possible. At that point it will only be a matter of starting a new world, but one thing is certain: in Trigoria everyone is convinced that Solbakken will not disappoint. On the other hand, the four-year period of about one million euros plus bonuses guarantees him the confidence of the Giallorossi, which in order to make room for him is ready to give up Shomurodov in January, eroding even something compared to the current salary ceiling, Because the Uzbek tip earns a little more than the Norwegian will. Of course, giving up Shomurodov by monetizing it seems quite complicated. Much easier the formula of the loan, and in this case in the front row there are always Bologna and Cremonese knocking for it. It will all depend on Roma. The future, however, is Solbakken.