TRANSFER MARKET: Lazio, Milinkovic to Saudi Arabia, Lotito accepts 40 million: we are in the final stages.

Forget about signings. The first major move for Lazio in this summer transfer window is at risk of being an outgoing transfer, both economically and strategically. After months of hesitation, with Juventus lurking in the background, Milinkovic has said yes to a torrent of money from Saudi Arabia. A three-year deal worth 20 million per season has completely overturned his initial refusal to leave Europe and play at a high level. Agent Kezman, who had promised offers of 40 million, delivered the offer from Al-Hilal for the Serbian midfielder last night. At half-past midnight, Lotito responded with an email, increasing the proposal but excluding the payment of intermediary commissions (which are very high, almost 10 million) to the agent, effectively subtracting them from the transfer fee. Only this last detail is missing for the farewell, which should be completed in the next few hours because Sergej does not want to join the Auronzo training camp.