Transfer to Juve, ahead of Karsdorp: no-cost loan, but Roma say no

Watch out for factor K to wing the lady. After Filip Kostic, left-handed fielder arrived in the summer from Eintracht Frankfurt to increase the push on the Juventus lane, Juventus could double bringing to Turin another side of great race to ensure Massimiliano Allegri an alternative to Juan Cuadrado, At the age of 34, he cannot play all the games with high quality standards. So the Bianconeri could take advantage of the break between Roma and Rick Karsdorp, 27-year-old Dutchman who grew up in the Feyenoord that just before the stop for the World Cup was practically put at the door by José Mourinho. The chess game has just begun: Juventus is not in a hurry and is waiting for the Giallorossi’s next moves to see if they can deal directly with their prosecutor or move with the club.

OPERATION LOW COST – One thing is certain: the market in January will be low cost, do not delude fans in the last winter session have celebrated the purchase of Dusan Vlahovic, coach 80 million. The management aims to buffer the emergency with intelligent operations and then postpones to the summer market any shots (see Milinkovic). The major gaps are on the bands, in particular on the right where with the transition to 3-5-2 is missing a replacement that is accustomed to do all the lane and the Dutch train (so it is nicknamed at home) in this sense is the right person. The goal would be to reach zero because of the known vicissitudes with the Giallorossi club. After the fight with Mou and the comments of the coach of Roma (“I told him to find another team for January”) the fracture became incurable when the player did not show up in retirement, sending a medical certificate.

LOAN WITHOUT OBLIGATION – The Giallorossi are hoping for some offer from abroad, but if it doesn’t arrive they should be content to give it up in Italy: the Friedkin club, however, just wants to give up the Dutchman, either directly or with an unconditional loan. By monetizing his departure. Juve, on the other hand, aims at a loan with the right of redemption: it wants to reserve the possibility of evaluating it from now to June, not only from a technical point of view but also behavioral to understand if there are conditions to retain it. Karsdorp has the advantage of knowing the Italian championship well (he has been at Roma since 2017, although in 2019-20 he returned on loan to Feyenoord), he is used to doing the double phase and has an affordable engagement (he earns less than 2.5 million euros). Allegri’s doubts about Karsdorp, however, concern the character and ambitions of the boy, because the player who will arrive in January to strengthen the right lane must be aware of being an alternative. Time certainly plays in favor of Juve: there is a month and a half left before the official opening of the market and before then the Giallorossi – who have more care – must have found a solution. Karsdorp’s entourage would not mind the consensual resolution of the relationship, which would allow him to go and deal independently: in this case Juventus could sign him to zero without having to agree with Roma. But even in this case the club of Trigoria at the moment says no.

IDEA CAMBIASO – Meanwhile Juventus also evaluates other profiles. Among the papabili there is also the former Fiorentina Alvaro Odriozola, now at Real Madrid, on which the Bianconeri coach however has some reserves. Emil Holm from La Spezia, 22-year-old right-back, was also pleased with the Bianconeri’s attention and interest in the national team in the recent match against Mexico in Qatar. The Belgian expert Thomas Meunier from Borussia Dortmund and the 18-year-old Ivan Fresneda from Valladolid also received attention. For the left lane, however, we evaluate the early return of Andrea Cambiaso, left back owned by Juventus but lent to Bologna. The 22-year-old acquired by Genoa in the summer can play on both bands and could be another free deal.