Chinese Antique Appraisal: Who Can Help You Figure Out If You Have Valuable Home?

If you are a fan of oriental antiques and are looking for unique and valuable pieces for your collection, then I suggest you continue reading the article. As you surely know, in the East, especially in China, ceramic art has played a very important role for the country. From the Neolithic era up to the Yuan and Ming dynasty, China has produced wonderful art objects both for the technique and for the innovation and the always refined taste, thus boasting the longest and most important ceramic tradition in the world. These works of unique beauty are not purely decorative objects but rather urge our mind to travel thinking about the mysteries and stories of many years ago. Antique vases in particular, in addition to the fantastic design, which will surely give an impression of pure class to the environment in which they will be displayed, often have a high value that we cannot even imagine.

Evaluation of Chinese porcelains

But how do you actually understand the real value of an oriental antique?

If you have made a purchase of Chinese antiques or have decided to sell one of the pieces you already own and want to discover its value, this guide will be very useful for you.

  • First of all, if you are going to request an online Chinese antiques valuation, I advise you to check whether the antique dealer who will carry out the valuation will be able to come to the site. A true professional in the sector looks closely at the vase, must touch it with his hand. Online auctions will never give you an accurate valuation, so don’t rely on anyone from far away.
  • Instead, research a range of accredited professionals to contact, never stop at the first one. Immediately state what your goals are, whether to sell, buy, insure or exchange the item in question, and get estimates drawn up to get an idea of ​​how roughly the valuation will be. It’s important to find an appraiser who specializes in the type of item you’re interested in in order to get a high-quality appraisal. The latter must always be made in writing and never verbally, with an attached signature.
  • Never sell your items to the person who evaluates you, obviously to satisfy his own purposes of buying and selling, he will evaluate your object at a lower price than its real value.
  • If, on the other hand, you have already carried out an evaluation previously, remember to renew it every three or five years as the evaluation of Chinese vases and the evaluation of Japanese vases varies over time, this could be both positive and negative.
  • Trust yourself. However, if you are an enthusiast, always read up on the subject in order to have a good preparation whether you are a seller or a buyer. Create your online and live network of acquaintances with enthusiasts like you and industry professionals, attend auctions and courses.


We have focused together on the main aspects to consider if you are buying or selling oriental antique ceramics. If you need to evaluate Chinese antiques in Milan, I suggest you rely on the philosophy and experience of Barbieri Antiquariato, one of the most important nationwide. Antique dealers for generations, the Barbieri brothers will evaluate your object with great attention and passion and will be able to determine very easily, thanks to their experience, the characteristics, age, provenance and state of conservation of your object. chinese-oriental art.