Yokohama Marinos v Roma 3-3, Report cards

Svilar 5: several mistakes and a bit of bad luck for the young Giallorossi goalkeeper. From 70′ Boer SV.

Kumbulla 6: sufficient performance, seasoned with a moment of tension with an opponent.

Smalling 6: Try to put a patch where you can.

Ibanez 7: He does one of the most beautiful things of the whole game, with a decisive advance and a central percussion finalized by a pure center forward conclusion. Not bad.

Celik 5.5: he enters, negatively, in two goals out of three of the opponents. Not a great performance.

Tahirovic 6: The young Giallorossi ordered a performance before stopping for a muscle problem. From 32′ Bove 6: a couple of good openings and a bit of fatigue in the defensive phase, also because of the chasms that opened in midfield.

Matic 5,5: a bit slow and foggy. From 46′ Zaniolo 7: change the match by dragging Roma. He wastes a lot but achieves the goal that starts the comeback. Commendable from the point of view of the determination and the desire to do well.

Camara 6: he runs a lot, sometimes a little empty, but he does his.

Missori 5,5: Combines slightly on the left out, being replaced at the interval. From 46′ Volpato 6,5: some good football, including the assist for Zaniolo’s goal.

El Shaarawy 6: Try a couple of times the conclusion, no luck. Start from the second point, end as a left shot.

Abraham 5: guilty on the occasion of the first goal of the Japanese, he devours a goal almost made (even if offside). From 46′ Shomurodov 6: he wastes a lot but has the merit of finding the goal of the draw.