Zaniolo dreams of his first derby goal in a Giallorossi-tinged Olimpico

“The coach asked me how I was, I gave him my availability because Roma come first”. The emotional state of Nicolò Zaniolo is contained in these few but significant words, punctuated in the heart of the magical evening of the Olimpico, after the goal signed at the Ludogorets.

With this hunger and this desire, Nicolò now aims at a joy that has been waiting for some time: scoring for Lazio in the derby. An almost innate dislike, a rivalry that has had the opportunity to ignite since the first outings: often targeted in the stands, Zaniolo now wants to make a difference on the field: “We all know how much this game is worth. I can promise that on Sunday we will field 200%”.

With his rips, his plays and finally the impressive performance on goal, which he had been chasing since the start of the season, the Giallorossi number 22 may be the man who can break the game. A pole choked the scream in his throat in the first derby of last season, tomorrow he wants to break the curse and rejoice again with his fans.

Just a few hours after the kick-off of the derby, the Friedkins are playing on several fields, but they can’t wait to see the Stadio Olimpico turn into a Giallorossi. They whisper from the Curva Sud that the scenery, now nearing completion, will be something extraordinary. The wait in the city is really great, tomorrow the day of truth.