Zaniolo greets Rome? Fans divided: “Better go” and “but what did this guy?”

Just a few days ago, talking about a farewell of Nicolò Zaniolo in January seemed pure fantasy football. On the other hand – within a week – a sale of the Giallorossi number 22 during the winter session has become far from improbable.

The player and his entourage, who want to renew with Roma and ask for a top player engagement (4.5 million plus bonuses), have not yet been summoned by Tiago Pinto to discuss the new contract and – at this point – are considering a future away from Capital. A future that could suddenly turn into the present. The attacker’s trail is mostly Tottenham, West Ham and Borussia Dortmund: destinations – especially London – pleasing to the player. To complicate a possible operation, however, there is both the time factor and the demands of the club of Friedkin: to let Zaniolo leave in fact, in Trigoria ask at least 35 million euros.

REACTIONS – The news of the possible departure of Zaniolo, who had already shaken the square during the summer, sparked the reactions of Roma fans on radio and social networks. The performance of the ’99 class since the beginning of the season seems to have convinced many to get off Nicolò’s wagon: “This summer I was against his sale, now, however, given the performance, I am absolutely in favor. It would be good for us and him” writes a user on Twitter. A concept shared by dozens of other fans: “Sorry but Zaniolo for 30mln + 2 bonus you would not sell it? I all my life, more aspects and more its value drops”. Someone else hopes that the possible transfer of the attacker does not turn into yet another serial series: “The sale is fine, but that it is fast and does not become a telenovela. Do as you please just hurry up”. A concern shared by many: “I fear a sale to Strootman. Last days of the market, Rome unprepared on the substitute and, so, no reinforcement”.

But there are also many comments from those who would like to see the hero of Tirana – his goal in the final allowed Roma to raise the Conference League – continue his path to the court of José Mourinho: “The sale of Zaniolo is an emerita ca… How could it be sold in a market that closes in 10 days? With whom would Roma replace it?”. And again: “Are you not ashamed of what you are saying? You have become like others. But what has this boy done to you? He has always given everythi

ENCRYPTED MESSAGES – To inflame even more the situation was the person directly concerned. In fact, during the night, Zaniolo posted on Instagram an excerpt from an old interview given by Cristiano Ronaldo: “Everything has a solution, except death – the words of the Portuguese – everything else has a solution, life is beautiful. There are things that are unfair, not only in football. What can you do about it? You don’t have to live like this. Do they hurt? Of course there are things that hurt…”. An “encrypted” message, which inevitably feeds the rumors about a possible separation in sight between him and Rome.