Zaniolo not summoned, angry fans: “We supported you, but now..” And he disables the comments

The Giallorossi fans reacted very badly to the news of Nicolò Zaniolo’s absence for the trip against Spezia. After missing Fiorentina due to a fever, the player himself let the coach and club know that he was not available for the match against the city of the team in which he grew up. On social media, the Roma fans went wild and there was criticism of Zaniolo and his behaviour. On the other hand, others tried to defend the player’s position and expressed sadness at the possible end of the story with Roma.

Zaniolo, criticism and comments on social media
The Giallorossi fans’ comments on social media were extremely harsh, as they railed against Zaniolo’s decision: “We must think about Roma. Sunday you miss a player as important as Zaniolo, if he is not summoned I hope it is already sold”; “Big disappointment Zaniolo. Roma has done a lot for him and this is the currency with which he repays it”; “He is getting sideways with this tummy ache. Roma waited for him for two years. If he left, no one here is regretted. Zaniolo is only one passing by”. Others point out how the fans were close to him and then received this treatment: “We Roma have praised and defended him, always, despite everything he constantly combines. A player who, in Serie A, has 3 goals and 2 assists in two years can not start in a Champions League team”; “With Zaniolo we simply did what needed to be done at a difficult time for him: be close to him. It was he or those around him who put ideas in his head”; “For the umpteenth time, he proves the immature he is”. But others tried to defend him and were sorry for the situation: “Good luck for all Nico”; “What a bad end of such a beautiful story… for my part there is so much bitterness”: “I still hope, we can still write wonderful pages together”.