Record heat at Trigoria, solutions for Roma’s pre-season training camp

Commencing the first phase of preparations, but the scorching heat will undoubtedly be Roma’s first real opponent of the season. The new week begins with soaring temperatures due to the African anticyclone Cerbero, ready to heat up Italy with peak temperatures well over 40 degrees Celsius. In the past two days, the Romans have already … Read more

Mourinho reveals Roma’s list of selected players: there are some surprises.

A tactical whiteboard, an incomplete lineup, and two dates, July 10th and 17th: these are Mourinho’s notes as he organizes and prepares Roma for the new season on the day of the team’s gathering at Trigoria. On Instagram, Mou has depicted the current situation, placing magnets with the names of the players he already has … Read more

Sabitzer, amidst holidays and the transfer market, writes in Italian: “Buongiorno” (Good morning).

Marcel Sabitzer is at the center of transfer rumors, as he doesn’t seem to be part of Bayern Munich’s plans after his loan spell at Manchester United. The Austrian midfielder has been consistently linked to Roma, but in the meantime, he is enjoying his holidays, as shown in his latest Instagram story. However, one detail … Read more

TRANSFER MARKET: Lazio, Milinkovic to Saudi Arabia, Lotito accepts 40 million: we are in the final stages.

Forget about signings. The first major move for Lazio in this summer transfer window is at risk of being an outgoing transfer, both economically and strategically. After months of hesitation, with Juventus lurking in the background, Milinkovic has said yes to a torrent of money from Saudi Arabia. A three-year deal worth 20 million per … Read more

Does EUFA listen to Mourinho? Starting from 2024, there will be a halt to “relegations” from one cup to another.

Calcio E Finanza has consulted some UEFA documents regarding the new formats of European competitions, which will officially start from the 2024/25 season. The online portal reported an excerpt from these documents, revealing a major change: there will no longer be “relegations” from the Champions League to the Europa League and from the Europa League … Read more

AS Roma Anthem: Is there really only one?

AS Roma matches have a special flavor, especially when watched at the Stadio Olimpico, the den of the AS Roma wolves. The team, which since being coached by José Mourinho has consistently sold out the stadium, has a loyal fanbase worldwide and is consistently followed by over 60,000 spectators per home game. The atmosphere created … Read more

Rome, at the festival of error

All the good of Naples in Naples remained. Three days later, against Cremonese in a more than accessible quarter cup, Roma showed their worst face by making the wrong mistakes. Too poor the initial formation and too many mistakes that led to the penalty made by Dessers and Celik’s own goal. It was also unfortunate, … Read more

Roma 1-2 Cremonese, Report cards

Rui Patricio 5,5 – Forced to sacrifice himself on Dessers, he is called only to the foul in the penalty area. There is nothing he can do about the powerful and angled conclusion of the Cremonese striker. Celik’s deviation is blameless, he saves Ghiglione in the final. Mancini 5 – His game changes and deep … Read more

Bournemouth, ok Zaniolo, then the English club blocked the transfer: the situation

Background: Nicolò Zaniolo had accepted the offer of Bournemouth and was ready to leave for England. On the evening of 30 January, the class of 1999 had decided to move to the English club, after being excluded from the Roma technical project. Then the operation was blocked by the Premier League club. The transfer of … Read more